For the Parents
We pride ourselves on being constantly available to residents and their parents. To that end, we have developed an online resident portal that allows residents and our team members to communicate easily and effectively. Unique usernames and passwords allow them to submit work orders, pay your rent online, and email our team directly with any questions or concerns they may have.

We strive to meet all types of student housing needs by offering various accommodation types with flexible payment options – allowing students to focus on their studies, not money. Our various housing options and programs help ease the burden of college living near AU.

We want to make every transition into our community as smooth as possible! That’s why we’ve developed a custom-matched roommate program to help students meet new people and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Every student will be asked to fill out a detailed profile questionnaire that includes pertinent information such as hobbies, interests, living habits, and study habits. The program then provides roommate options based on information provided so that residents have the ability to connect via social media before move in. We want to ensure each resident is matched with fellow students who complement their ideal living experience. The friends you make at The Social are friends for a lifetime.

Our student apartments are environmentally-conscious to minimize our eco-footprint in Auburn. We are committed to sustainability. Our informative “Living Green” blog provides useful information on energy efficient products and conservation efforts. Students can continue to learn while we pursue our mission of utilizing resources that help preserve our environment.